We always meet customer demands, matching Neapolitan tailoring tradition, and continuing innovative research and technology.Our strength is consisted of constant attention to customer needs and the passion, experience and professionalism of highly qualified staff.

We need to remain faithful to an idea until its fulfillment. Not to give up, to give up surrendering to the obstacles, we have to believe in something and commit ourselves to it against any difficulty. DEPA continues to struggle for an idea even when market trends push it out. Today, as never before, “CREATE” and not follow the fashion is our challenge every day.

Berrettificio De.Pa was born in 1993 in Arzano, a village on the northern outskirts of beautiful Naples, as a producer of hats and caps for men. Year after year the company has been renewed, always offering new exclusive models. In 2006, the “WOMAN” collection was added, which is still a man of man and is always committed to the constant search for elegance, personality and trend.



Participating in numerous international fairs enables both the choice of exclusive and special fabrics and the establishment of direct relationships with suppliers, ensuring the safety of using certified materials and complying with current regulations.

Our scrupulous attention to detail, the experience gained over the years and the work of our artisans have made it possible to export to the world by making our leader product of MADE IN ITALY.



Our finished product is the result of a series of successive phases, within which the care of detail and the search for perfection are the cornerstones to follow. After designing the designer’s designs and the fabrics to be proposed, the production begins with the cutting of the fabrics and then proceeds with the assembly.


Subsequently, our stirrers make the perfect garment for the final packing, which is also a vital stage in that there is a thorough quality control so that there is the safety of being able to deliver a perfect cap and above all capable of satisfying the full End customer needs.


This is the most important step, in fact, this task is entrusted to our machinist tailors who, day after day, thanks to their love and passion for this work, perform in impeccable manner. Their precision and experience make the product almost unique and this is exactly what differentiates us from producing atria.